Bone Marrow Treatment For Injured Knees

knee pain and might need a bone marrow treatmentBone marrow treatment is a procedure that you might want to consider for treating your knee injury pain. These days, many individuals have painful, inconvenient knee injuries that they are struggling with.

It is essential to have access to effective treatment procedures and services to help relieve those problems that the condition brings on.


The Basics Of Bone Marrow Treatment

Stem cells are used in a bone marrow treatment procedure to heal the patient’s body. The modern medical technology allows a patient’s healing time to be significantly reduced.

Stem cells are sued to optimize and expedite the healing process of the patient. These cells are taken from the patient’s bone marrow.

There are three types of cells contained in bone marrow:

  • Endothelial
  • Hematopoietic
  • Mesenchymal

The Hematopoietic Cell is the wealthiest bone marrow source in the body.

Eventually, the stem cells turn into cartilage and bone. They also help to enhance blood circulation in the area of the body that it is added to.

Stem cells contained in bone marrow are a particular type of cell because they can turn into any kind of cell.


Procedure Process

For the bone marrow treatment to be completed, samples of a patient’s bone marrow are taken by a medical professional. The bone marrow is usually removed from either the hip or spine.

Then the sample is used for capturing the stem cells inside of the bone marrows. Stem cells from the bone marrow can become several different types of cells instead of just one since they are undifferentiated cells.


How Stem Cells Are Taken From Bone Marrow

After the bone marrow is obtained, it is placed inside of a centrifuge.

This centrifuge spins the marrow rapidly to separate the stem cells of the patient from other parts of the marrow. The stem cells are then transported into storage in order so they can be used in the future again if necessary.


What Can Be Corrected By Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy cannot only help to alleviate pain and complications arising from knee injuries but it can also help people who suffer from the following health issues:

Bone marrow treatment

– Hip pain
– Shoulder pain
– Sprained ankles
– Achilles tears
– Spinal pain


Learn More Today About Bone Marrow Treatment

If you have suffered a knee injury and are in pain, then it is time for you to find a solution that allows you to heal with expediency and excellent.

Here at SHCG, we are delighted to offer you this innovative treatment.

Give us a call today to find out if having bone marrow treatment is best for your situation.

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