Avoiding Surgery By Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy in Atlanta, GA

Thanks to the advancements in technology and medical science, we have several treatment alternatives for treating injuries as well as other types of degenerative joint pain instead of having to take the traditional surgery or medication path.

To effectively treat various joint conditions including arthritis, advanced treatment method such as amniotic stem cell therapy is used these days.

Amniotic stem cells are found inside of the amniotic sac but not in embryos.

There are ethical or moral issues about the use of embryonic stem cells for the therapeutic purposes; however, many people agree that there are no ethical issues associated with using amniotic stem cells for therapeutic purposes.

When treating our patients, we only use amniotic stem cells. Amniotic Stem cell treatment

Superior Healthcare Group is just one of a few groups in the entire country that gives amniotic stem cell therapy.

The first thing we do is figuring out what the root cause of why your joint tissues have degenerated.

We have stem cells experts and integrated team of chiropractors, nurses and medical doctors who use amniotic stem cell therapy to get rid of your chronic joint pain.


What Are Stem Cells?

Every human body has stem cells and they play a critical role in the natural healing process of the body.

They stay dormant inside of the body until the brain says that the body has sustained an injury or has been damaged. They then go with the platelets in the body and target the injury site.

Stem cells are uniquely able to transform themselves into the same type of cells that were damaged due to the injury. This promotes natural healing inside the body. They can heal injured tendons, ligaments, bones, and tissues. 

As we age, or in case of an injury, the number of stem cells needed in a specific injured area of our body decreases.

This crisis is fixed by amniotic stem cell therapy through the direct delivery of a highly concentrated amount of stem cells to the injured site via injections.

That promotes the healing process of an injury without needing surgical interventions or medication.

Usually, amniotic stem cell therapy is finished faster when stem cell injections are used, particularly when compared with surgery. The process is an uncomplicated in-office or outpatient procedure.

Amniotic Stem Cell therapy may help with the following cases:

  • Speeds the healing process up for injuries
  • Boosts sleep quality, functionality, and mobility.
  • Reduces pain without medication, including chronic joint pain.
  • Nerve damage cases are reduced.
  • Reduces muscle damage as well as the risk of future potential injuries.
  • Increases the amount of collagen within the body.
  • Helps patients quickly get back to their regular daily routine.
  • Decreases hair fall issues, prevents scars and heals wounds.
  • Helps to produce new blood vessel tissue and heart tissues.


How Does Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy Actually Work?

The natural ability of the body to heal itself is used by stem cell treatment.

Atlanta Amniotic Stem cell therapy

When Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy is used, stem cells are injected into the amniotic tissues by a stem cell specialist into the site of the pain or injury. There are anti-inflammatory properties contained in stem cell injections.

Although only short-term pain relief is provided by medication, stem cell therapy repairs damaged tissues and offer pain relief at the same time.


The injured site is healed by the injected stem cells within the stipulated healing time frame and new tissues are constantly produced.

Stem cell injections also have hyaluronic acid, and that helps to lubricate tendons and joints, which help to ease the pain.

Amniotic stem cells are exclusively able to transform into any type of cell that is found in the joints, including bone, muscle, ligament, tendon, and cartilage.

Stem cell therapy is a comprehensive healing treatment. After an injury has healed, there are long-lasting benefits and you won’t need to deal with pain on a continuous basis.

How Do Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy Different from Other Types of Therapies?

Traditional ways of treating painful joints rely on medications and surgeries. Stem cell therapy, on the other hand, is an excellent alternative to surgical intervention that promotes natural healing.

When it comes to treating joint injuries and pain, stem cell therapy is among the best minimally invasive approaches.

Superior Health Group performs stem cell therapy to help patients achieve pain relief while avoiding lengthy recovery periods and risks of surgery.

That therapy is effective yet safe.

The following are some of the incredible benefits that this form of treatment provides:

  •  There are no steroids contained in amniotic stem cells.
  •  Hyaluronic acid is contained in amniotic stem cells, which helps to boost new cartilage growth and lubricate cartilage.
  • There is no risk of patient rejection with amniotic stem cells.
  • Growth factors are contained in amniotic stem cells that stimulate the growth of tissue inside the body.
  •  Amniotic fluid has a very high stem cell source, which makes it a much better treatment alternative compared to embryonic stem cells therapy.
  • Even the stem cells from the patients are collected from the person’s own bone marrow or fat.


Injections of amniotic stem cells are safe and reliable. The therapy has no or rare patient rejections, which is why doctors all over the world prefer it.

Amniotic stem cells are a neutral kind of cell with no DNA contained in them. That means every individual is a match and transferring new stem cells is done in an effective manner.

Our goal is to use natural healing to relieve pain and give long-lasting results at the same time. Most treatment cases need just one injection, and you might see improvement within 4 to 5 weeks.

Amniotic stem cell therapy allows you to return to your regular lifestyle before you were injured quickly.

Stem cells therapies are used for healing neurological issues, orthopedic injuries, immune rejection disorders, connective tissue damage, heart disease, and more.

If you are struggling with any type of chronic hip pain, knee pain or other types of joint pains that prevent you from being able to do the things you love or limit your daily activities, Amniotic stem cell therapy may be the perfect solution for you.

Our Superior Healthcare Group experts will diagnose your problem and recommend the ideal solution for you. We offer specific treatment plans for each disease or condition you have.

If you want more information, to schedule your appointment by contacting us today!

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